RailSense VM1 Void and Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature monitoring

In addition to the importance of detecting voids in rail networks, the temperature of the rail is also a critical factor.

Temperature extremes can cause rail buckling or breakage, particularly with Continuous Welded Rail (CWR). The RailSense VM1 can continuously monitor the rail temperature and with knowledge of the specific Critical Rail Temperature (CRT), can be used to trigger the imposing of speed restrictions and/or maintenance.

The VM1 monitors and records both ambient and rail temperature, with results being displayed remotely at any location. The rail temperature sensor is attached to the rail magnetically, allowing for easy fitting and relocation.

Hazardous conditions can be analysed automatically, with alerts issued and trends can be monitored to allow suitable maintenance procedures to be planned.

The main features of the RailSense VM1 are:-

  • Ambient and rail temperature monitoring
  • Secure communication of data over the mobile phone network
  • On-board GPS receiver
  • Alarm event transmission (SMS text or email)
  • Automatic wake-up on the approach of a train
  • Data time stamped & stored locally in the event of comms loss
  • Environmental sealing to minimum IP67
  • Robust carrier plate that can withstand contact with ballast
  • Void monitoring can be added as an option
  • Void-only option available – please refer to separate page for details

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